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School of Telecommunications Engineering

The school is dedicated to the research and education in the areas of Telecommunications Engineering, Information Systems Security, Broadband Network and Signal and Information Processing, etc. It offers a wide variety of programs for more than 3300 undergraduates, 1700 master students, and 300 Ph.D. candidates.



The school consists of four teaching departments and one institute. Specific divisions are organized as follows:

Department of Telecommunications Engineering

Department of Information Engineering

Department of Electronic Technology

Experiment and Teaching Center

Institute of Information Science and Information Security


Research & Development

The school undertakes academic and technological research projects covering a wide range of areas in telecommunication and information technologies. For the past five years, there have been 2150 programs, together with 125 inventions and patents. Our publications include 36 monographs, 1500 academic papers and 26 textbooks.


Research Fields


1. Wideband Wireless Communications System; 2. Wireless Ad Hoc Networks; 3. Cognitive Wireless Networks; 4. Modern Switch and Networking; 5. Mobile Computing; 6. Quantum Communications; 7. Channel Coding; 8. Network Coding; 9. Information Theory; 10. Deep Space Communication; 11. Optical Communication; 12. Coding and Modulation; 13. Image and Video Compression; 14. Information System Security; 15. Applied Cryptography; 16. MIMO-OFDM System; 17. Green Communications; 18. Vehicular Technology; 19. Internet of Things; 20. Smart Grid; 21. Network Management; 22. Signal Processing; 23. Network Measurement and Behavior; 24. Smart Antenna; 25. Cloud Computing; 26. Multimedia Communication; 27. Satellite Communication; 28. Ultra-Wideband Communications; 29. Burst Communication System; 30. High-rate Data Transmission; 31. Human-Computer Trust Interaction; 32. Relay Transmission; 33. Anti-Jamming Communication; 34. Future Internet Architecture.


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