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School of Network and Continuing Education


The School of Network and ContinuingEducation is a sponsoring entity and the university’s administrative unit formodern distance education, adult education and techniques and skills training.

Adult higher education and distanceeducation programs of our university began in 1986 and in 2002, respectively.For many years, the School of Network and Continuing Education has beenfocusing on the continuing education and lifelong education, supported by thedevelopment and popularization of modern educational technology and the sharingof excellent educational resources. Based on the characteristics of distanceeducation and adult education, the school has gradually formed a new operating mechanismand management mode with distinctive features of Xidian University and inaccordance with educational features of scientific training objectives, relaxedlearning environment, strict teaching requirements, standard teachingadministration and all-round satisfying services. Catering to the wholecountry, relying on the university’s excellent teaching faculty andhigh-quality teaching resources and integrating the university’scharacteristics and professional features, the school has taken advantage ofmodern means of distance education to carry out programs of on-the-job academiceducation, professional credential education, on-the-job training and otherforms of continuing education, aiming at establishing a lifelong IT educationalsystem.

The school has now set up 5departments, namely, the School Office, Admission And Learning Support Office,Teaching Affairs Office, Resources and Technology Research Center And TrainingOffice, which work together to organize and manage the distance education and adulteducation. The school now has over 50 faculty members, including administrativestaff, technicians and some part-time teachers. Making full use of theuniversity’s resources, the school has formed a high-level teaching team,responsible for giving lectures and offering guidance in course study andlearning methods.

By February 2011, the School hasestablished 39 off-campus learning centers of distance education in 18provinces and 24 centers of adult education in 9 provinces, with a wide rangeof majors covering science and engineering, economics, management and liberalarts. Now it has over 20,000 registered students of adult higher education. Thegraduates from the school have added up to 30,000 or so.

The School of Network and ContinuingEducation is actively engaged in creating a favorable environment for distanceeducation and adult higher education, exploring a new mode of trainingversatile talents with practical skills for the national informationlization,making efforts to form and perfect its schooling characteristics and advancingtowards higher goals.

Dean:DING Zhenguo


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