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School of International Education


Founded in 1997, the International Cultural Exchange Center has eversince assumed the task of recruiting and training foreign students. Since 2006, the training focus has shifted from Chinese training to specialized courses teaching and from teaching in Chinese to bilingual teaching. In order to promote international students’ training, the School of International Education (SIE) was established in October, 2008 to take overall responsibility for program promotion, enrollment, cultivation, degree conferment and daily management of international students. 5 bachelor degree programs taught in English are also launched, which indicates that the international education in Xidian University has turned on a new page.

Till now, a total enrollment of more than 600 overseas students from over 50 countries, such as the United States, Britain, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam,Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Kenya, etc., are studying Chinese and specialized courses here. The students enrolled include Chinese language learners, preparatory students for higher education, undergraduates taught in Chinese and undergraduates taught in English, masters and PhD students.

Guided by the principles of “Moderate Development, Focus on Quality, Normative Management, and Creating Brands”, the School of International Education has carried out a lot of detailed, solid, pioneering work in increasing student enrollment, optimizing student qualities and strengthening training and management,and has obtained marvelous achievements. In October 2009, approved by the Ministry of Education, our university was approved to recruit foreign students sponsored by the “Chinese Government Scholarship”. In July 2010, our university began to recruit overseas students sponsored by the Saudi Government Scholarship and CLP Scholarship. At this point, it could recruit the foreign students who are sponsored by Chinese Government Scholarships, foreign government scholarships and business scholarships, and self-financed students,etc. Up to 2014, the total enrollment of international students has reached the record-breaking number of 610, including 308 degree students. The scale and range are unprecedented, implying that the international education has entered a new era of development.

In terms of Chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools, SIE started to undertake application and management of cooperative education programs in 2013.SIE currently has two cooperative education programs which are “Bachelor Degree Program in Electronic Information Engineering between Xidian University and Polytech’ Nantes” and “A Duel Degree Programme in Telecommunication Engineering between Xidian University and Heriot-Watt University UK”.Both Programs are limited to one cohort with a registration of 100 students each year.On this basis, SIE keeps exploring cooperation with high-level universities worldwide in order to introduce high-quality overseas education resources, promote the education reform and internationalized talents cultivation, and improve the level of openness and internationalization at Xidian University.

In terms of the Confucius Institute, Hanban (Head Office of Confucius Institute)has formally signed a framework agreement on the Confucius Institute with University of Paderborn, Germany in June 2014.Under the framework agreement,both of Xidian University and University of Paderborn will undertake the establishment of Confucius Institute in Paderborn.

Dean: LI Hui


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