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School of Mathematics and Statistics


The School of Mathematics and Statistics was newly founded in July 2013 with 4 Departments and 2 Centers for mathematical and statistical research which includes “Department of Applied Mathematics”, “Department of Information &Computing Science”, “Department of Probability & Statistics”, “Department of Operations Research & Control”, “Center of Mathematics & Interdisciplinary Science” and “Institute of Industrial & Applied Mathematics”. Previously, it was simply called the “Department of Mathematics”as a part of School of Science. By aiming at “strengthening science discipline to support engineering disciplines”, each department in the School possesses expertise and offers students diverse research fields. Interdepartmental cooperation is encouraged to achieve wider enhanced learning experience. TheSchool now has the doctoral programs in the first-level disciplines of mathematics, the master’s programs in the first-level disciplines of statistics, and three undergraduate disciplines in mathematics and applied mathematics (one Shaanxi top brand specialty and one Shaanxi characteristic specialty), information and computing science and statistics. The School has104 full-time faculties and administrations and 2 adjunct faculty members.Among them, there are totally 13 professors and 51 associate professors. Almost all our faculties participate in programs that generate original research papers and receive funding from Chinese government. The School offers undergraduate and graduate programs in both Mathematics and Statistics.Currently the School has about 500 undergraduate students and 250 full-time graduate students. Our graduates have also demonstrated over the years that Mathematics and Statistics provides a strong foundation for those whose work and careers develop in areas quite removed from their origins in mathematics.

The faculties of the School host a wide range of research projects in Applied Mathematics, including Optimization Theory and Algorithms, Control Theory and Intelligent Algorithm for Hybrid Dynamic Systems, Mathematical Image Processing, Mathematical Theory and Algorithms in Cryptology and Mathematical Method in Data Mining. Some of them are partially supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China (863 Program) and the State Commission of Science and Technology for National Defense Industry with grants of nearly3million. As of year 2013, the School has received 2 national scientific research awards and nearly 20 Ministerial & Provincial scientific research awards. In the past 5 years, over 1,000 scientific papers have been published on national and international academic journals, among which more than 500 journal papers have been indexed by SCI or EI.

The School is responsible for the teaching of public mathematics curriculum for both undergraduate and graduate students in our university. The aim is to improve students’ ability for solving practical problems using mathematics. Currently,the School has 1 National Distinguished Teacher, 1 National Teaching Team for teaching “College Mathematics Course”, 2 National Excellent Courses “Linear Algebra” and “Advanced Mathematics”, and 3 Excellent Courses of Shaanxi Province such as “Mathematical Analysis”, “Advanced Mathematics”, and“Mathematical Modeling”.The School has obtained 2 National Teaching Awards and over 10 Ministerial & Provincial Teaching Awards in succession.

Dean: Prof. LIU Sanyang

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