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School of Physics and Optoelectronic Engineering


The School of Physics and Optoelectronic Engineering of Xidian University has 2 first-level disciplines, Physics and Optical Engineering, embodying the characteristic of our school, the integration of science and engineering. The School keeps the dominating position in the fields of optoelectronic technology, optical characteristics of targets andenvironment, and optical imaging and information processing. The School will give prominence to the inter-disciplinary research of physics with optoelectronic information, make efforts to expand into the new research fields of communication, signal processing, and environmental science as well.

Currently it has 129 full-time teaching staff members, of whom there are 3 dually appointed academicians, 1 chair professor under the Cheung Kong Scholar’s Program, 2 New Century Outstanding Talents of the Ministry of Education. At present, it has about 2400 undergraduates, 400 master students, and 150 doctoral students. The main research institutions of the department include Laser Technology Faculty, Infrared Technology Faculty, Applied Physics Faculty, Radio Research Institution, Photoelectric Technology Experiment Center and University Physics Experiment Center etc. The School sets up specialized and various universal physics curriculum for all the science and engineering undergraduates, and provides advanced experiment and science research conditions for all the students.

The disciplinary direction of the School focuses on quantum photonics, ultrafast photonics and its application, optoelectronic imaging technology, remote sensing and hyperspectral image processing, space optics and light scattering of complex structures & its application, new-type laser device technology and photo-detecting & measurement-control technology, and electromagnetic/optical wave transmission theory in complex systems and its application.

At present, the School has 5 major for undergraduates, electronic science andtechnologya national featured major,electronic information science and technologya national featured major, optical information science and technologya Shaanxi provincial brand-name major,applied physics (a Shaanxi provincial brand-name major), and wave propagationand antenna (a urgently-needed major). There are 6 master programs in optical engineering, physical electronics, condensed state physics, plasma physics,optics, and radio physics. The School has 2 first-level doctoral disciplines of physics and optical engineering. It offers 4 doctoral programs in optical engineering, physical electronics, radio physics, and optics, and 2 post-doctoral programs in physics and electronic science & technology.Physical electronics is the key discipline listed by the national “211”Program, for which a position of Chair Cheung Kong Professor has been set up.

Dean: Prof. Guo Lixin

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