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School of Microelectronics


School of Microelectronics of Xidian University was set up in 2004, merging the Major of Semiconductor Devices & Physics and the Research Institute of Microelectronics which were founded in 1959 and 1987, respectively. Now it is one of the National Instruction Bases for Integrated Circuit Talents approved by the Ministry of Education of China. Microelectronics and Solid-state Electronics is one of the National Key Disciplines supported by “211 Project” in China.

The school has 2 doctoral programs, 5 master’s programs, and 2 undergraduate majors, among which, Microelectronics and Integrated Circuit Design, and Integrated System are the key disciplines recognized by Minister of Education and Shaanxi Province, respectively. Each year, about 450 bachelors, 250 masters and 20 doctors graduate from the School. At present, about 1,800 undergraduates, 750 graduate students and 100 doctor candidates are studying in the School.

The School is organized into 4 departments of Microelectronics, Micro-circuits & Devices, Integrated Circuit System, and Integrated Engineering. The State Key Laboratory of Wide-band Gap Semiconductor Technology and the National Experimental Teaching Center are affiliated to the School. Up to 2013, there is 1 Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 19 professors, and 34 associate professors.

Academic research in the school focuses on the fields of wide-band gap semiconductor materials & devices, VLSI/SoC design methodology, physics & reliability in nano-electronic devices, as well as novel semiconductor device and technologies. In recent years, more than 100 research projects have been supported by National 973 Program, National 863 Program, and the Key Project of National Natural Science Foundation and so on. Distinctive research results have been achieved, such as GaN and SiC epitaxy growth technique and equipment, single chip integration of digital-analog-RF-Power circuits, and stained Si/SiGe material & devices.

Dean: Prof. ZHANG Yuming

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