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School of Cyber Engineering


The School of Cyber Engineering (SCE) of Xidian University was founded in December 2014, the University seizing the major strategic opportunity for cyber and information security development in China.  By integrating the strength of the discipline of cyber and information security in the university, the SCE has set its mission as building safe and controllable cyber space by cultivating top innovative talents for cyber security, to construct a national leading and world famous academic height of discipline construction, talent training,scientific research, collaborative innovation for cyber and information security.

Now the SCE has about 50 full-time faculty members, and all of them have Ph.D.Degree, of whom 60% have oversea experiences. Led by Professor Cai Ning, the founder of the Secure Cyber Coding (IEEE Fellow), and Professor Ma Jianfeng,who is accredited professor of “Cheung Kong Scholars Program”, SCE has the unique innovation team and national certificated teaching team recognized by the Ministry of Education in the field of information security.

SCE offers two undergraduate programs in Information Security and Cyber Engineering, and master and doctoral programs in Computer Science,Telecommunication Engineering, Cryptography, and Information Security. SCE offers a wide variety of programs for approximately 240 undergraduates, 200 master students, and 30 Ph.D. candidates each year, covering majors including Cyber and Information Security, Cryptography, Computer Science and Telecommunication Engineering. Tracking the global development of cyber and information security, aiming to select outstanding cyber security talents, SCE has established academic exchanges and cooperation with well-known international universities. Meanwhile, SCE has stable cooperation with enterprises in joint training, which can upgrade the quality of cyber security talents and meet the urgent national need of high level cyber security engineers.

SCE is undertaking academic and scientific research projects based on the leading research work in the field of Cryptography, Wireless Cyber Security and Cloud Computing Security.

Main achievements:

Wireless network security:

1.proposed the security architecture of reconfiguration heterogeneous wireless network; published the first English version book to introduce the development of wireless network in China; proposed the method of Peer-to-Peer security correlation establishment and the construction of authentication/encryption;set international standard ITU-TX.1124 (the first ITU standard in wireless cyber security which was submitted by China); obtained the second prize of the State Technology Invention Award in 2013;

2.designed Triple-Element and Peer-to-Peer Authentication (TePA) - Wireless Authentication and Privacy Infrastructure(WAPI) based on digital certificate,which guarantees the two-direction access authentication in wireless network;TePA-WAPI obtained the second prize of the State Technology Invention Award and the gold prize of the Chinese Patent Award in 2005, TePA was approved as ISO/IEC standard(the first international standard in the information security of common technology field which was submitted by China).

Cloud computing security:

3.had over 30 papers published on top academic journals such as IEEE Transaction series in recent three years; published some papers on INFOCOM, VLDB and other A-level computer society conference, and obtained the best paper award twice and the best student paper award twice, respectively;

4.sponsored by 863 project named “The trusted and controllable technology of cloud computing platform and its supporting system”; undertaking national key projects, including the national key fundamental research development program(973 program), the national high technology research and development program(863 program), the major national scientific and technological project, etc;

5.obtained the first prize of Chinese Institute of Electronics in 2014; obtained the first prize of Chinese Institute of Communications in 2014;

6.designed a high-performance password service system oriented cloud computing with enterprises, which ranked the first in the evaluation organized by the State Cryptography Administration and the Ministry of Public Security.

Taking advantage of the academic advantages in the context of the development of cyber security, SCE has established three main research areas, which are cryptography, cyber and system security and content security. The goal of SCEin 5 years is to reach international advanced level academically and achieve research results which can satisfy the national security demands.

To improve the capability to fulfill the national major demand for cyber security,SCE values the cooperation and innovation with well-known institutes and enterprises. At the beginning of the foundation, SCE has established the collaborative innovation center of information security with China Electronics Corporation and Institute of Information Engineering of CAS to motivate the continuous development of Industry-Education-Research in diverse and dynamic models and mechanisms. From working on the prospective issues of cyber security, the center will conduct in-depth research on the common problems in the area of cyber and information security together with all partners.

To the process of constructing a training base for security talents, a global significant academic research base , a R&D base for common security issuesand a leading base for regional innovation development, SCE will play an important role in re-establishment of the national cyber and information security system.

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