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School of Humanities and Arts

At the end of 2012, the former School of Humanities of Xidian University was restructured by integrating the previous teaching and research sections of Philosophy, Politics, Literature and History, the Centre of Art Education, and the Ideological and Political Section. Thanks to past years’ development, the School of Humanities has a vibrant, diverse and integrated academic community of disciplines including philosophy, religious studies, law studies and education. Currently we have a total of 70 employees. With 11 professors and 35 associate professors, the structure of the faculty is very reasonable in distribution of professional ranks and titles. We also pay much attention to the educational background of our faculty members, and 28 of them are Ph.D. degree holders, and over 10 are Ph.D. candidates. Besides, we engage some abroad scholars as our adjunct professors.

We own 6 departments of psychology, politics, philosophy, Chinese language, history, and arts, and 6 research institutes, namely, Institute of Traditional Culture, Institute of Psychology, Institute of Cultural Research in Western China, etc. The School hosts the National Quality-oriented Education Centre for Undergraduates, Provincial Centre for Undergraduate Psychological Counseling and Therapy, Centre for Undergraduate Cultural and Art Education. We have one doctoral program of Philosophy of Management, 8 master programs, namely the Principle of Marxism, Ideological and Political Education, Aesthetics, Religious Studies, Higher Education, Educational Technology, Philosophy of Education, and Physical Education.

For years, we focus on exploring new patterns of students cultivation and character shaping. Thus we have made great achievements in our students’ management. We have been honored by the university successively for the last 13 years as “Distinguished Team for Student Management”. What’s more, the employment rate of our students is averagely higher than 97%. We have cultivated more than 1900 undergraduates and more than 400 graduates, and most of them serve the society very well. Some of our graduates even become the elites of all walks of life. To sum up, our endeavors and our achievements are favorably commented by the society.


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