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School of Economics and Management

The School of Economics and Management originates from the Schools of Management Engineering and Information Engineering established in1980. It is one of the earliest faculties of Management after China's reform and opening up.The School was formally established in 1993 by merging with the related disciplines of the former College of Humanities and was later renamed as the School of Economics and Management in 2012.After more than 30 years of development, it now has two discipline categories,namely economics and management,and a sound disciplinary and talents training system. Over the years, the School has formed a unique feature of the integration of management, economics and information. It has also become an important base for scientific research of economics and management,talents training,and social services in Midwest China.


The School has five first-level disciplines, i.e.applied economics, management science and engineering, business administration, public administration,and library information and records management. Among those, the discipline of management science and engineering could confer doctoral degree. The second-level disciplines of the School include national economics, industrial economics, finance,management science and engineering, financial engineering, business management,accounting, economics and technology management,business administration,information science, library science and other disciplines. Management science and engineering,and information science are two provincial-level key disciplines. In addition, the School also offers professional master programs in Business Administration (MBA), Project Management (MPM), Industrial Engineering, Logistics Engineering, and Finance.


2.Scientific Research

The college has set up more than 10 scientific research institutes,including Research and Development Academy of Silk Road Economic Zone, Shaanxi Research Center of Information Resources, which is a provincial research base for philosophy and social sciences, Regional Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Center,Research Center of the New-type Urbanization in Northwest China, Knowledge Management and Cross-Cultural Research Institute, Management Science and Decision-Making Institute,Institute of Information Technology and E-Commerce. Adhering to the mainstream research areas and adapting to the national and regional needs of the economic and social development, the School has made important progress in the fields of management science and decision-making, knowledge management,information resource management, organization theory and strategic management,financial engineering and actuarial information field systems and e-commerce,regional industrial development and urbanization, the information economy and corporate governance, management, innovation and entrepreneurship.For the past five years, the college has undertaken over 60 national projects supported by the National Natural Science Foundation and the National Social Science Foundation, ministries, and Shaanxi Province.The research funds amount to about $ 20 million. About 100 papers have been published in SSCI or SCI cited journals or the A/B journals recognized by the Management Division of the National Natural Science Foundation. More than 20 academic books have been published.The School has won more than 10 Provincial Humanities and Social Sciences Achievement Awards and Science and Technology Achievement Awards.

3.Teaching Staff

SEM has a strong faculty of 117 people, including 24 professors,and 54 associate professors. Two are included by the New Century Talents Program,and one is a member of the Teaching Guidance Committee of the Ministry of Education. The School has also hired a number of well-known experts,scholars, and business elites both home and abroad as Distinguished Professors. The number of Professor Emeritus,adjunct professor and visiting professor exceeds 30.

4.Talent Cultivation

The School has six departments, namely, Department of Information Management,Department of Business Administration, Department of Management Engineering,Economics and Finance Department, E-commerce System and Department of Public Administration. The School offers 10 undergraduate programs, i.e.Information Management and Information System, Business Administration, Industrial Engineering, Engineering Management, Marketing, Human Resource Management,Finance, Labor and Social Security, Administration, and Electronic Commerce. It has set up an experiment center,composing of different institutes of business management, finance,human engineering,and information management,etc. In addition,there is a senior management education and training center. The Science, Technology and Information Personnel Training Center,Xi'an base of Chinese PLA General Armament Department is also set up in the School.

The School has always put emphasis on research and reform of teaching.The School aims to cultivate the talents who meet the demands of marketization, informatization,and globalization. Talents cultivation stresses integration of knowledge of management, economics and information, and pays importance to the systematic training of philosophy, mathematical analysis, and information technology.The School has created the EMT integration architecture supporting the knowledge system of management personnel,and 4+2 curriculum system. It has 3 provincial-level brand-name majors, 2 provincial featured majors,1 national fine-designed course,3 provincial fine-designed courses,1 provincial-level experiment demonstration center,1 provincial-level innovative experiment district in talents training model, and 4 university-level outstanding teachers. The School has been awarded the first and second prizes in Outstanding Teaching Achievements by Shaanxi Province, the first prize in Huo Yingdong Outstanding Young Teachers(for Teaching), and some prizes of the Ministerial Excellent Teaching Materials.

The school has about 2,000 students including more than 1,300 undergraduate students and approximately 700 graduate students and doctoral students.The School attaches importance to training of students' innovation and practical skills. Students from our school have won the"Challenge Cup" Entrepreneurship Competition and other national competitions. Our graduates are widely praised by employers, and the employment rate ranks at the top among all universities in China.

5.International Exchange

The college has actively engaged in international cooperation and exchanges. It has successively established academic exchange and cooperation with some well-known universities and companies in the United States, Japan, the EU, Hong Kong,Taiwan,and other countries and regions. The School has established joint student training programs with the University of Twente in the Netherlands, the Institute of Telecom Management, France and University of Wisconsin,Milwaukee,USA.With many famous universities and companies in Japan, the School has co-founded and organized a number of International Industrial Engineering Conferences.The frequent exchanges include cooperative study and course teaching with personnel of foreign universities to promote the internationalization and expand the influence of the School.

6.Social Responsibility

Located in the west,the School actively provides talent support, intellectual support and decision-making support for the regional, industrial and enterprise development, and has made significant contributions to the national and regional economic and social development.


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