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School of Electronic Engineering


The School of Electronic Engineering (SEE), one of 19 schools and the biggest one in XDU, was founded in 1952. Currently, SEE has 310 faculty members, including 89 professors and 130 associate professors. It enrolls around 6000 full-time students, among which 2540 are graduate students. It includes 4 academic departments which cover wide areas in electrical engineering and information technology.


Programs and Teaching.

There are four departments.

  1. Department of Electronic Engineering

  2. Department of Electronic and Information Engineering

  3. Department of Detection Guidance and Control

  4. Department of Information Countermeasures

Undergraduate Majors .

  1. Electronic and Information Engineering

  2. Remote Sensing Science and Technology

  3. Information Countermeasure Technology

  4. Electromagnetic Field and Wireless Technology

Master programs .

  1. Circuits and Systems

  2. Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology

  3. Signal and Information Processing

  4. Information Countermeasure Technology

  5. Intelligent Information Processing

  6. System Engineering

  7. Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence

  8. Environment Science

  9. Environment Engineering

Doctoral programs.

1.  Circuits and Systems

2.  Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology

3.  Signal and Information Processing

4.  Information Countermeasure Technology

5.  Intelligent Information Processing

6.  Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence

Postdoctoral Programs

  1. Information and communication Engineering

  2. Electronic Science and Technology

  3. Control Science and Engineering



  1. The Discipline “Electronic Science and Technology” won A+ in the China Discipline Ranking in 2017.

  2. All the undergraduates major ranked top 5 among all the Chinese universities

  3. 5 National Top 100 Doctoral Dissertation

  4. National-level teaching award,1 first prize ; 4 second prizes

  5. 2 National-level Teaching Teams

  6. More Than 130 honors for all kinds of students discipline competition


Great research successes have been achieved in the fields of signal processing, system simulation, electronic system design, computer control, and color TVCAD. The outstanding teaching achievements, books, and teaching materials have won ministerial, provincial awards or awards of other levels. Researchers who are interested are warmly welcome to visit SEE, to study and undertake joint research in related areas.

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