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27 Matser Programs


l  Philosophy


l    Applied Economics


l  Marxist   Theory


l   Sports Science


l   Foreign Languages and Literature

Natural Science

l  Mathematics

l  Physics

l  Statistics


l  Mechanics

l  Mechanical   Engineering

l  Optical   Engineering

l  Instrument   Science and Technology

l  Materials   Science and Engineering

l  Electrical   Engineering

l  Electronics   Science and Technology

l  Information   and Communications Engineering

l  Control   Science and Engineering

l  Computer   Science and Technology

l  Communication   and Transportation Engineering

l  Environmental   Science and Engineering

l  Biomedical   Engineering

l  Software   Engineering

l   Cyber Security 

Military Science

l   Military   Command Science

Management Science

l   Management   Science and Engineering

l   Business   Administration

l   Science   of Library, Information and Archival


l   Optical   Communications (MS)

l   Information   Security (MS)

l   Biological   Information Science and Technology (MS)

l   Robotics   (MS)

l   Remote   Sensing Information Science and Technology (MS)

l   Aerospace   Science and Technology (MS)


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