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Confucius Institute

Confucius Institute in Paderborn, Germany

Xidian University and Paderborn University, Germany co-established a Confucius Institute, which was officially inaugurated on June 16, 2015. It is the first and currently the only Confucius Institute organized by Xidian, and also the 16th Confucius Institute in Germany founded by Confucius Institute Headquarters and the National Office for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. Confucius Institute at Paderborn offers Chinese courses, HSK, YCT, BCT, HSKK Chinese Proficiency Test, Confucius Institute Fellowship, and Language Partner Program. In addition, the Institute also organizes cultural activities including Chinese cultural salons, Chinese festival and Chinese cultural weeks.

Confucius Institute at Paderborn offers Chinese trial classes and preliminary, intermediate and advanced level courses, and selective courses for local middle schools as well as courses for students and adults during holidays. It regularly carries out trial classes and training classes. With increasing publicity, a growing number of students come to consult and register with us. Trial classes, training classes, preliminary and intermediate classes are gradually developed. Confucius Institute at Paderborn has set up a Chinese proficiency test center in 2017. So far, approximately 100 people have taken Chinese proficiency test, and those who have taken our training course have passed the test with nearly full marks. We will continue to provide specialized courses such as listening, speaking and Chinese characters to meet the needs of students, while preparing for cultural courses.


Confucius Classroom in Dominica

 Xidian University and Dominica State College co-established a Confucius Classroom, which is the second Confucius Institute/classroom organized by our university after the Confucius Institute at Paderborn, Germany jointly launched in 2015. It demonstrates a breakthrough of Xidian University actively responding to the "Belt and Road Initiative” and promoting the "Double First-Class" construction, and also a new achievement in the internationalization of the university. It is of positive significance to further promote Xidians opening up to the world and enhance international influence.

Dominica is located in the northeast of the Eastern Caribbean Sea to the Wind Islands, facing the Atlantic Ocean in the east and the Caribbean Sea in the west, and is now a member of the Commonwealth. Dominic National University is located in Rosso, the capital of Dominic State, and is currently the only university in the country.

Dominica is located in the northeast of the Windward Islands in the Eastern Caribbean Sea, bordering the Atlantic Ocean to the east and the Caribbean Sea to the west, and is a member of the British Commonwealth. Dominica State College, located in Rosso, the capital of Dominica, is currently the only college in the country.


Shen Jai Confucius Institute in Malaysia

On July 13, 2022, Xidian University signed a tripartite cooperation agreement online with Chinese International Education Foundation and Malaysian Shen Jai Education Group to jointly establish the Confucius Institute in Malaysia.

Shen Jai Confucius Institute in Malaysia aims to build the brand of "Chinese Language + Digital Silk Road" and serve the construction of "Digital Silk Road". Through the "Chinese Language + Digital Economy" compound talent training, it will carry out professional talent training in e-commerce, big data management and application and facilitate the training of localized skilled talents in Malaysia and the healthy development of international industry-education integration. Relying on the economic and social resources of local enterprises in Malaysia, it will promote the localization of Confucius Institutes in Malaysia through the university-enterprise collaboration model. It will gather the advantages of the Confucius Institute platform and give full play to the cultural advantages of core BRI regions, promoting mutual understanding and people-to-people ties between China and Malaysia and serving the economic and cultural exchanges between China and ASEAN countries. It will further strengthen the role of international Chinese education in uniting, leading and influencing the "Belt and Road" countries and promote the opening up of Chinese education to a deeper and wider range.