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Library overview

Xidian University Library consists of Yifu Library of the North Campus and the South Campus Library. The total area of the library is 52,200 square meters and there are more than 5,800 seats for readers. By the end of 2021, the library's collection of literature was about 5.28 million volumes, among which there are 3.17 million volumes hard copy documents. The Electronic documents is amounted to 15.5 million volumes. There are 105 kinds of digital resources platforms in Chinese and Foreign Languages, and 204 databases, covering all disciplines or majors in our university.
Xi'an University Library serves 22,000 undergraduate students, 14,000 postgraduate students, and 5,000 faculty members (including retirement). The two campuses implement the transfer and remittance of books on demand. In 2021, the library received about 2.2 million readers and more than 236,000 books were borrowed by readers.
Since 2002, the Library has used the US INNOPAC/New Century Library Automation Integrated Management System to realize the automated management of comprehensive business operations such as interviews, cataloging, journals, circulation and OPAC public search. Since November 2014, the library has switched to the foreign system with the largest number of domestic users --- Aleph500.
In 2007, Xidian University Library was approved by Ministry of Education to set up the Science and Technology Novelty Search Workstation to provide services such as scientific novelty search, indexing and document delivery. The selective course of Science and Technology Information Retrieval was offered to undergraduate and postgraduate students.
In 2006 and 2008, the Master’s Program in Library Science and Research Center for Information Resources in Shaanxi Province were approved with the joint effort by the Library and the School of Economics and Management.
Since 2010, the Library has held “April 23” Reading Promotion Activities every year. "National Reading Demonstration Base" was set up in 2016.
In April 2016, the "Xijundian E-Library" was launched, collecting the literature and telling the stories about our university. Now the special collection in this program has reached a certain scale and becomes an important cultural base for our university.
In September 2016, the library implemented RFID intelligent book management + Shuwo O2O service, opening a new mode of intelligent library plus mobile service.
Since 2017, the library has held large-scale cultural exhibitions at the university level every year.
In 2018, the Library started the Learning Space Upgrading Project and worked on space renovation to create a more comfortable learning environment for readers.
In 2019, the Library and the School of Economics and Management of our university jointly established the Scientific Data Management and Regional Policy Research Center, a new think tank in universities of Shaanxi Province.
In 2021, the Library was approved to set up a Public Service Network for National Intellectual Property Information.
There are six departments in the Library: Administration Office, Literature Department, Information Consultation Department, Information Technology Department, Circulation Department of North Campus and Circulation Department of South Campus. There are sixty regular faculty members working in the library, including 2 members with high professional titles, 13 with vice high professional titles.  40 members have master's degree or above. There are also forty adjunct faculty members.
Xidian University Library is starting a new journey of the 14th Five-Year Plan, aiming at supporting the “three first-class" construction of the university and building a smart library. The new motto of the Library is "to lead the innovation, to prioritize the quality, to support with literature and to cultivate talents with service and culture”. We would like to build the library into a high-quality academic service organization supporting the talents cultivation and scientific research, aiming to take lead in the new information technology application and innovative services in China, and striving to build the library into a "hall of knowledge dissemination", a "hall of learning and communication" and a "hall of cultural inheritance".

Yifu Library Introduction

Yifu Library started to run in November 2001. The main building (Building A) is 11 stories high, the South Podium Building (Building B) is 4 stories and the West Podium Building (Building C) is 3 stories. The total construction area is 19,200 square meters. It was named "Yifu Library" because of the partial funding of Sir. Run Run Shaw.
Yifu Library adopts an open shelf system, integrates circulation and reading and works in a separate borrowing and unified returning management model. The opening hours per week mounts up to 101.5 hours. The returning office, the general consultation office and OPAC public search terminals are on the second floor of the South Podium. The Reading Room and Circulation Stack provide readers with book-borrowing service. The Current Periodicals and Newspaper Reading Rooms are for readers to inquire the newspapers and periodicals in the past two years.
Information Consultation Department on the fifth floor of Building A provides services for readers to search novelty in scientific and technological research, check the indexing and deliver the literature. This department also offers training courses for readers to learn about information retrieval, resources and literature utilization.
After the Learning Space Upgrading Project of Yifu Library in 2018, the space was redesigned with 13 seminar rooms added except for the renovation. More furniture was equipped to make the environment more comfortable in 2019.
With modern equipment and technology as well as rich collection resources, Yifu Library provides high-quality service for faculty and students of the university.

South Campus Library Introduction

The South Campus Library laid the foundation on July 1, 2005, and was capped on August 25, 2006. It was basically completed in September 2008. On August 22, 2009, the trial operation was opened, mainly serving more than 20,000 undergraduate students and 1000 postgraduate students on the south campus.
The South Campus Library has a building area of 40,000 square meters, with four floors on the ground and a basement.
The South Campus Library implements an integrated management model of circulation and reading, opens in all areas and runs unified borrowing and returning system. The opening hours per week mounts up to 97 hours.
The South Campus Library also has first class self-service facilities and an elegant reading environment.
After the space renovation in 2019, the areas in Area B of the Library was upgraded. A P2 high-definition LED screen was equipped in the Lecture Hall. Five seminar rooms were added in Area C.
The South Campus Library currently has 12 Book Stacks, 1 Newspapert Reading Room, 1 E-reading Room, 3 Self-study Rooms, 2 Reading Rooms by Appointment, 1 Training Rooms, 2 Shared Study-spaces, 9 Seminar Rooms, 1 Academic Lecture Hall, 1 Second-tier Stack, 1 Compact Stack and several Leisure Areas. There are more than 4,500 seats for readers.
The South Campus Library provides high-quality services for faculty and students of the university with open and diversified learning space, one-stop service center and abundant collection resources.