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Library overview

Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology Library consists of the Yifu Library of the North Campus and the South Campus Library. The total construction area is about 59,700 square meters (the library occupies 52,200 square meters) and more than 5,600 seats are read.

By the end of 2018, the library's collection of literature was about 12.848 million, including about 28.88 million paper documents and about 100.6 million electronic documents. There are 98 kinds of Chinese and foreign digital resources with a database of about 256, covering all schools. Discipline or major

The North and South Campus Library serves more than 22,000 undergraduate students, more than 11,000 Boss graduate students, and more than 5,000 faculty members (including retirement). The two campuses implement the transfer and remittance of books on demand. In 2018, it received about 2.8 million readers and more than 420,000 books.

Since 2002, the library has used the US INNOPAC/New Century Library Automation Integrated Management System to realize the automated management of comprehensive business operations such as interviews, cataloging, journals, circulation, and OPAC public search. Since November 2014, it has switched to the foreign system with the largest number of domestic users - Aleph500.

In 2007, it was approved to set up the “Ministry of Education Ministry-level Science and Technology Search and New Workstation” to provide services such as scientific research, search and indexing, and document delivery. The undergraduate and postgraduate students have set up a public elective course for “Science and Technology Information Retrieval”.

In 2006 and 2008, the school cooperated with the School of Economics and Management to build a master's degree in Library Science and a Research Center for Information Resources in Shaanxi (provincial research base).

Yifu Library Introduction

The Yifu Library was officially put into use in November 2001. The main building (Building A) is 11 stories high, the South Podium Building (B Building) is 4 stories, and the West Podium Building (C Building) is 3 stories. The total construction area is 19,200 square meters. Due to the partial funding of Mr. Shaw, he was named "Yifu Library".

The Yifu Library adopts an open management, borrowing and reading integration, all-round opening, and a unified management model. The second floor lobby of the South Podium has a general book office, a general consultation office, a campus card activation, registration and OPAC public search terminal for consultation, returning and retrieval services for readers. The reading room and circulation library provide readers with a lending service. The journal's current publication, newspaper reading room and periodicals library are convenient for readers to check the newspaper materials of the current year and previous years. The Information Consulting Department is located on the fifth floor of Building A, and provides services for readers to carry out scientific and technological research, investigation and inspection, and document delivery. At the same time, the readers will be trained in the teaching of information retrieval courses and the resources and utilization of literature.

Yifu Library provides high-quality services for teachers and students of the school with modern equipment and technology and rich collection resources.

South Campus Library Introduction

The South Campus Library laid the foundation on July 1, 2005, and was capped on August 25, 2006. It was basically completed in September 2008. On August 22, 2009, the trial operation was opened, mainly serving more than 20,000 undergraduate students in the new campus.

The South Campus Library has a building area of 40,000 square meters, with a total frame of five floors, a basement level and four floors.

The South Campus Library implements a management model of lending and reading, all-round opening, and unified lending.

The South Campus Library has state-of-the-art facilities and an elegant and welcoming reading environment.

The South Campus Library currently has eleven lending books, a newspaper/tool reading room, an electronic reading room, three study rooms, three appointment reading rooms, a training room, an academic lecture hall, a second-line library, and intensive A library and multiple leisure areas. There are more than 4,500 seats. Week opening hours of 97 hours.