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In November Xidian will celebrate its 85th Anniversary
Nov 9, 2016

For the whole month, Xidian will commemorate its foundation 85 years ago with series of activities and events under the same theme of Advocating Academia and Pursuing Excellence.

In the opening ceremony held on November 4th, top administrators encouraged faculty, staff, students and alumni to honor Xidian spirits and to provide service to local community and China as a whole. Two respectful alumni and a graduate-to-be attended the ceremony and delivered a speech.

group photo

LONG Jiancheng, Vice Chairman of University Council delivered a speech

JIANG Shunhao, Vice Chairman of University Council introduced the general plan

ZHANG Rongqiao, a student from Class 1984 and the chief engineering designer of the first National Mars Exploration Mission delivered a speech

WANG Yang, a student from Class 1991 and the chairman of Kunpeng Telecommunication Corp made donation and delivered a speech

YANG Yang, a graduate-to-be delivered a speech

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