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Vice President of China Attend the Roadshow of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest among Science and Technology Workers
Sep 30, 2016

On the afternoon of September 24, the 18th Annual Meeting of China Association Science and Technology- the Roadshow of Innovation and entrepreneurship Contest among Science and Technology Workers achieved a great success in Xi’an.

Mr.Yuanchao LI, the vice president of China, Mr. Gang WAN, the vice chairman of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and Ms. Zhili CHEN, the vice-chairman of National People’s Congress presented at the roadshow.

Many provincial administrators, including the secretary of Shaanxi Provincial Committee, Mr. Qinjian LOU, vice secretary of Shaanxi Provincial Committee Mr. Heping HU, and Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, the president of Xidian University Ms. Xiaojing ZHENG and many university leaders also attend the roadshow.

8 programs respectively recommended by Xidian University, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Taiyuan University ofTechnology, Chang’an Universiyt, etc. stood out of 185 programs and competed in the roadshow.

After an introduction lecture on product technology, business model, marketrequirement, team composition, financing demand, Mr. Jian GAO and other well-known experts in venture capital investment gave their comments.

At the end of the roadshow, 60 venture investment institutions and 40 judges have given their investment invitations to the participants. Programs recommended by Peking MinistarTechnology, ltd. and Xidian University are voted as the worthiest valuable programs.

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