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2017 International Summer School on Information and Communication Technology
Mar 14, 2017

Located at the starting point ofancient Silk Road, Xidian University is one of the key Universities in China.Since its establishment 86 years ago, it has pioneered in the teaching,research, and application of such disciplines as radar, information science,cryptology, and microwave antenna. For years, Xidian University has shapeddistinctive feature in information and communication technology.

To enhance bilateral exchangeswith our partner universities, Xidian University is going to hold the ICTInternational Summer School between 16 and 25July,2017. Join us, youwill be able to

²Knowthe latest development in information and communication technology

²Haveface-to-face discussions with world-renowned scholars and industrial elites

²Starta life-long friendship with peers around the world

²Visitan innovative start-up and a leading IT company in China

²Visithistorical sites and try delicious Chinese food

Here, you are going to gain somuch that it is going to be your once-in-life experience.  

XI'AN, located in the geographiccenter of China, has been the capital city for thirteen dynasties in ancient China.So it is a historical city enriched with culture and is the best touristdestination in China. There are numerous attractions that fascinate tens ofthousands of tourists each year, Terracotta Warriors, Wild Goose Pagoda and theCity Wall, to name just a few.


Day 1 Arrival and Registration

Day 2 Opening Ceremony

Cutting-edge Lecture: Introductionof FAST (Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope) Project

Cutting-edge Lecture: Howto Design and Operatea UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)

Hand-on Experience: UAVOperation

Day 3 Cutting-edge Lecture:Technology and Application of Modern Wireless Information Network

Field Trip: Visit the innovativestart- up, Suanier, which is a research-oriented IT company founded by XidianAlumni

Day 4 Cutting-edgeLecture:Introduction of “One Belt and One Road” and Xi’an Development

Field Trip: Visit ShaanxiHistory Museum

Day 5Entrepreneur Lecture: ThrivingInternet Companies in China and the Challenges They Face

Field Trip: Visit ZTE,one of the leading IT companies in China

Day 6Cutting-edge Lecture:Intelligent Perception and Interpretation of Big Data

Cutting-edge Lecture:Information Security in the Internet Era

Day 7Cutting-edge Lecture: HowCan Brain Science Contribute to Artificial Intelligence?

Graduation Ceremony

Day 8 Field Trip: VisitTerracotta Warriors and Tang Paradise (Garden of Tang Dynasty)

Day 9 Field Trip: Visit Wild Goose Pagoda and City Wall,and taste the rich local foods

Day 10 Departure


Undergraduates and postgraduatesmajoring in the fields related to information and communication technology


The fees for the summer school is1000 US Dollars whichinclude the costs of food, accommodation, transportation,courses, and visits after landing in Xi’an,but the costs of round-trip flights,insurance, and personal spendingare not included. Xidian University willwaive the costs after landing for 2 undergraduates from each partneruniversity. Other applicants will have to take care of all the costs bythemselves.


Required materials include thescanned copies of filled application form, CV, student card, passport, andelectronic file of personal ID photo (3.5*5.3cm color photo) Please note thatwe do not accept application from individual students. Students have to applyand send materials via the corresponding office in their university.




Ms ZHENG Xiaomei

Xidian University

Office ofInternational Cooperation and Exchange

Tel: 86-29-88202845


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