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(August 29)High-Repetition-Rate Sub-Cycle Waveform Synthesis
Sep 6, 2016


High-Repetition-Rate  Sub-Cycle Waveform Synthesis


Associate  Prof. Shaobo Fang


11:00, August 29,  2016


405, Section  III, West Building, North Campus

Lecturer  Profile

Shaobo  received his bachelor degree from the College of Precision Instrument &  Opto-electronics Engineering of Tianjin University, and his doctoral degree  from Hokkaido University (Japan). From 2007 to 2011, he was an assistant research  scientist of the Core Research for Evolutional Science and Technology (CREST),  Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST). Since 2011 he has been a research  scientist in the framework of the Helmholtz Association Young Scientist Program  at DESY/CFEL. From 2015, Shaobo joined the Institute of Physics, Chinese  Academy of Sciences, as an associate professor. His research interests include  sub-cycle waveform synthesis and novel monocycle pulse generation for  attoscience and compact X-ray sources.

Lecture  Abstract

Waveform  Nonlinear Optics aims to study and control the nonlinear interactions of matter  with custom-tailored sub-optical-cycle waveforms. In this regime, the  time-evolution of the optical electric field deviates strongly from a  sinusoidal carrier-wave oscillation within a single cycle of light, so that the  usual approximations of nonlinear optics break down, and new phenomena and  opportunities arise. Specifically, a novel multi-channel parametric synthesizer  driven by a KW-level pump-laser will overcome pulse-energy and average-power  bottlenecks for advanced applications. Such intense optical  high-repetition-rate waveforms custom-sculpted within an optical cycle open up  new horizons for controlling strong-field interactions in atoms, molecules, solids  and nanostructures.

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