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52 Undergraduate Programs

Ÿ   Administrative Management

Ÿ    Information and Computing Science

Ÿ   Applied Chemistry

Ÿ   Information Engineering

Ÿ   Applied Physics

Ÿ    Information Management and Information Systems

Ÿ   Automation

Ÿ   Information Security

Ÿ   Biomedical Engineering

Ÿ    Intelligence Science and Technology

Ÿ   Biotechnology

Ÿ   Internet of Things

Ÿ   Communications Engineering

Ÿ   Japanese

Ÿ    Computer Science and Technology

Ÿ   Labor and Social Security

Ÿ    Detection Guidance and Control

Ÿ   Marketing

Ÿ   E-commerce

Ÿ    Material Science and Engineering

Ÿ   Educational Technology

Ÿ    Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

Ÿ    Electrical Engineering and Automation

Ÿ    Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation

Ÿ    Electromagnetic Field and Radio Technique

Ÿ   Microelectronics

Ÿ    Electronic Information Science and Technology

Ÿ    Microelectronics Manufacturing Engineering

Ÿ    Electronic Packaging Technology

Ÿ   Network Engineering

Ÿ    Electronic Science and Technology

Ÿ   Network Engineering

Ÿ    Electronics Information Engineering

Ÿ    Optical Information Science and Technology

Ÿ   English

Ÿ   Project Management

Ÿ   Finance

Ÿ    Radio-wave Propagation and Antenna

Ÿ    Human Resources Management

Ÿ   Recording Art

Ÿ    IC Design and Integrated System

Ÿ    Remote Sensing Science and Technology

Ÿ    Ideological and Political Education

Ÿ   Software Engineering

Ÿ    Industrial and Business Management(BA)

Ÿ    Space Information Science and Digital Technology

Ÿ    Industrial and Business Management(BS)

Ÿ   Statistics

Ÿ   Industrial Design

Ÿ    Technology of Information Countermeasure

Ÿ   Industrial Engineering

Ÿ    Test and Measurement Technology and Instruments

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